For whom?

knOrbit can be used like a PLE ( Personal Learning Environment) or like a knowledge management system for an organization

Knowledge worker

Get more help from your professional contacts (internal and external).

Freelance o entrepreneur

Learn faster and reach further.

Teacher or student

Promote the co-learning and the collaboration.

Community member

Get most out of the available knowledge


knOrbit helps on 4 problems linked to the knowledge management


Share and Help is not unconditional

  On knOrbit the request are from person to person.

  All conversations have a good level given the personal selection of the participants.

  The contributions are publicly recognized.


The personal connections are not used in efficient way

  KnOrbit provides access to the profiles of the contacts of all of the users allowing it.

  Anyone can invite a profile through a user that has that profile as a contact.


The email isolates knowledge in the personal folders

  knOrbit builds a knowledge data base with all the interactions searchable by tags.

  The content is always linked to the sources who generated it.


Good ideas does not have a clear path for publication and evaluation

  knOrbit provides a way to publish and evolve ideas.

  The ideas can be ranked by the community.


Build a private and customized application for each customer.

Everything is in the cloud and you just need a browser to use it.

Computes a list of the best people to help you

Processes user entered tags to get a list of candidates to invite, sorted by relevance

Provides access to the profiles of the of the combined set of community contacts

The profiles of the contacts of the users allowing it, will be searchable by tags. They will be invited through the connecting user.

Dynamic profile

The query participation and scoring, even the frequency of the invitations received, adds new competences and strengthen the current ones.

Knowledge data base

All the conversations and the user curated content is searchable by tags and the sources are always linked to the search results.

Assisted content curation

Content from multiple conversations can be copied to any of the templates defined by the administrator, as a base to elaborate an idea document.


Communities or groups can be defined within the application with selectable options for affiliation, privacy and visibility to map existing or emerging teams or structures.

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Build your own private application up to 20 users.

The data entered will be confidential and private . Nobody not registered on the application will be able to access.

1 Customize your application with your name and colors.

2 Chose the features that best suits your case

3 Invite the first users of your network.

In few minutes you will have your application up and running Start by registering

If you like a more particular customization please contact us.  

Experience knOrbit

We have a public working system with real users where you can check the UI and system features.

You can even create questions and invite experts .

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About us

Knorbit Knowledge SL is a Barcelona located company designing and implementing knowledge management solutions.

Our team combines global corporation experience with start-up entrepreneurial practice.

Any feedback or request please contact us.